InstaDry's Cleaned Right Guarantee

We Guarantee our service quality!

InstaDry uses the most fully developed guarantee in the industry. Rather than a money-back guarantee that you hear of around discount electronic stores and other less reputable retailers, InstaDry uses what we call a cleaned right guarantee. We treat this as more of a frame of mind to prevent issues rather than as a method to cope with them. Our Cleaned Right Guarantee conveys the following benefits to the customer:

Tenet 1 To always provide open and honest communication to our clients.

Everyone you speak to within our business knows that in order to earn your trust, we need to follow the utmost guidelines for honesty. Our administrative team will give direct upfront costs that are firm quotes. This means that the price you are quoted is the one you will pay for the service, no hidden costs! Furthermore, our technicians will give you realistic expectations for the service by doing a small test area prior to the job if they are concerned about the flooring. From start to finish, we believe that honesty is the best policy.

Tenet 2 To provide highly trained and professional technician(s) on each job.

When you allow our team to clean your home or business, you are placing your trust in our team. To honor that faith in us, we ensure that each of our technicians go through a background check as well as a full evaluation to asses their aptitude for customer service. If they pass these internal tests, they are then challenged by a test from the PCA (Professional Cleaners Association). This test will ensure that they have the competency they need in a variety of formats to be successful all cleaning situations. Following the administered test, they are then put through a rigorous multiple week training program with a dedicated instructor. All three of these components guaramtee that your job will be done by an experienced professional.

Tenet 3 To deliver a valuable service with a goal of complete customer satisfaction.

Since our service is dry before the technician leaves, we are able to offer the unique capabilitiy to do a post-job walkthrough with you to point out any residual stains, troubled cleaning areas, as well as any further service opportunities that they spot. Additionally, since we offer free test areas that will give you a feel for the service, if you do not wish to continue with the clean after the test area, our technician will pack up and leave at no cost to you. We believe that these simple quality checks can go a long way to providing you with a high amount of satisfaction with our work.

InstaDry's Cleaned Right Guarantee will ensure that you are completely satisfied. This comes down to a business model that is different from most in the Industry. Most cleaners offer low prices and mediocre service to do as many homes a day as possible even at the expense of results. InstaDry makes it a priority to take one client at a time. This is because we seek to establish long term returning clients rather than one time customers. This extends from how we treat commercial locations all the way to our one-room call-outs. Take advantage of these benefits today.

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InstaDry did an absolutely incredible job with my home. Don was so friendly to me and he was quick to respond to any questions I had while they were working. Thank you Don!

- Gina Tuck | The Villages

InstaDry came out to us to give us a quote. They quoted us at a great price, scheduled us in the next day, and had our carpets cleaned before lunch. I was astonished.

- Morris Hurley | The Villages